Living Heritage Koslanda is founded on a principle of sustainability and a commitment to be a leading eco hotel in Sri Lanka. Originally, the 80-acre site that Living Heritage Koslanda now occupies would have been virgin rainforest. In the 1880s, large swathes of natural vegetation in the area were razed and replaced with terraced tea plantations.

Other crops were also cultivated on the Living Heritage site over the years, including rubber, coffee and pepper.  When the estate was abandoned in the 1950s, nature began to reclaim it once more. Today, Living Heritage Koslanda’s forest has an intriguing mix of native Sri Lankan plants, long-forgotten crops and introduced species, together help tell the story of this unique resort’s heritage.

We have introduced a reforestation initiative at the resort, replanting native tree species such as Kumbuk, Hora, Jack and Ebony, the latter taking hundreds of years to mature, but now will be allowd to flourish in a protectd environment on the 80 Acre Estate.

Guests can also join in with this eco initiative by planting their own tree during their stay – thus their legacy will literally continue to grow, and strengthen Living Heritage Koslanda’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka.