Here at Living Heritage Koslanda we encompass three main ideals of sustainability.

As our name suggests by creating a celebration of Sri Lankan traditional architecture for our guests to enjoy whilst preserving ancient skills within the surrounding craftsman community . Our buildings are made using sustainably sourced local timber, clay bricks, tiles and stone . The wisdom of ages providing cool, ambient , yet practical spaces for living and relaxing.

Symbiotic with this is the employment and training of local villagers of all ages and both genders enabling the youth to remain within their villages and women the ability to work and still look after their families . They form the backbone of our operation and together with the environment are the meaning for our existence.

Environmental protection and restoration through our extensive tree planting and bio diversity projects on our own 80 acres of secondary forest . It is our mission to broaden these activities beyond our boundaries to assist in combating the very real effects of global warming and environmental degradation.