Living Heritage Koslanda sits in a grove in the beautiful forest aptly named ‘Devianga Kale’ – ‘God’s Forest – and is spread over seven hills from Adam’s Peak to Kataragama.
The site, known for its remarkable beauty and sacredness, also has a private waterfall and south flowing river, both of which are considered essential for healthy living. These were all important factors that led us to build Living Heritage Koslanda at this location.
The forest is also on the route elephants have used for centuries when they leave the plains below to go to the hills during the dry season. If you’re staying between June and August you may be lucky enough to catch sight of wild Asian elephants as they make their ascent through the ancient elephant corridor.
Preserving and restoring the forest, which is known as a vital source of food, medicine and beauty treatments, was key to the vision for Living Heritage Koslanda, and a local ecologist, Dr Lokugam Hewage, has been working with us to map the flora and fauna of the forest and to train our staff to lead nature walks for our guests through this pristine natural reserve.
And it’s a wonderful place to explore. The forest is home to giant squirrels, chattering monkeys, butterflies flutter about in the dappled light. The estate is full of jackfruit trees that give Koslanda its name, organic pepper that we grow and dry for our guests as well as other native plants and an abundance of exotic birds that are beautiful to watch and fill the air with a chorus of their songs. All flourish due to our policy of never using pesticides.