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Living Heritage Koslanda: A Healing Sanctuary

I’ve taught many workshops over the past 12 years. I’ve taught Reiki energy healing, Mindfulness and Meditation courses and Healing, yoga and wellness weekend retreats and I’m always on the lookout for potential new locations.  I’ve taught in places that are immersed in nature: beside the sea and in the mountains and I always see the benefits in my client’s almost immediately. It’s like being in a beautiful place in nature gives them so much to look at and appreciate that they begin to de-stress immediately. My standards are pretty high and I believe that rest is very important while on a retreat so I want my clients to feel like they’re slipping into the most comfortable bed they’ve ever been in at night. Lots of places I’ve come across are beautiful but the accommodation isn’t up to scratch.

private yoga, healing, wellness and mindfulness retreats sri lanka
A natural haven for private yoga, healing, wellness and mindfulness retreats

When we arrived at Living Heritage Koslanda my intuition and my heart told me that this was a place that would be ideal for a retreat, a workshop or a course. It was confirmed when I saw the luxury suits, cottage and pavilions. I got so excited and I actually felt that this place HAS to be used, people have to see it and to feel it and what better way to do that than (to my mind anyway) via a retreat or workshop. The energy is palpable and it’s very much a healing space, a sanctuary.

Everything about the location supports the healing process, from the quietness, the luxury of the accommodation, the care and attention given by the staff and the wonderful food cooked by expertly trained and talented chefs. Not to mention the infinity pool for that all important relaxation time.

sri lanka yoga and wellness retreats
LHK Offers an idyllic location to host yoga and wellness retreats for small groups

I find, while teaching, workshops, that it’s nice for the people on the course to get to know each other. Often, the biggest insights they will have will come from the stories and lives of the other people sharing the space and Living Heritage Koslanda is perfectly setup for this. Whether that’s by sitting at the pool, relaxing on the shared verandas or taking a gentle walk down to the beautiful waterfall, there’s plenty of opportunities for chats.

Around the location there are day trips to Ella, a stunning place for hikes or simply admiring the view or you can head to Pilkington Peak to see the tea plantations, there are plenty of options of things to do if you so wish, so people will never be bored. However, the aim of all retreats is to escape the world: turn off, tune in and drop out as the famous saying goes and Living Heritage Koslanda, in my opinion is perfectly setup for this. I’m only sorry that I live so far away that I can’t use it myself!

Ellen Shilling runs Xhale Mindfulness Centre in Dublin and runs Life Coaching Workshops, Kinesology and Healing Therapies.